Sunday, February 8, 2009

honey used to heal open sores from staph

I have a first-hand story to share with you about the healing power of honey.

When our children were young, back about 22 years ago, we had an extremely stressful bout with infections on myself and our oldest daughter and middle son.

We were all drinking raw goats milk which came from a goat that had the beginning of an udder infection that eventually killed the goat. I got a sore on my knee, my daughter got one on her chest, and my middle son got one on his cheek. We all have scars to this day.

My son's sore was the worst. His open sore was on his cheek and antibiotics (two different ones) had no effect. It was horrible. Ironically we were beginning beekeepers and it didn't dawn on us immediately how effective honey was on bacteria. One day I read something on honey's effectiveness and mentioned it to my wife, Sharon, who was already interested in alternative medicine. We immediately spread honey on his cheek and it was a miracle. Within 48 hours we could see an obvious turn in the sore in the reduction of puss.

As it turns out, honey is quite acidic, with a pH of 3.4 or so and has natural hydrogen peroxide. The most interesting thing was that honey is hygroscopic, meaning it sucks water out of bacteria, making a very inhospitable enviroment for them to thrive.

I have heard that some honeys have extra healing properties. I think it is Manuka.


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